Conference 3 March

Aethina tumida, the small hive beetle - 2

   Simultaneous translation: Italian, English, French and German  

 Hall A  (Sala A) - Morning session

Host vs. Parasite - Eradication vs. Containment - Cost vs. Benefits

 Chairman: Sebastian Spiewok, Deutsches Bienen-Journal (DE)


h  9:30          A first assessment of measures taken against Aethina tumida in Italy and in the EU
Andrea Maroni Ponti, Ministry of Healt (IT)

h 10:00            Assessment of control methods for Aethina tumida in Australia
Nicholas Annand, (Honeybees) Development Officer New South Wales (AUS)

h 10:30            The effects of measure taken against Aethina tumida on beekeeping production capacities in Calabria
Raffaele Denami, Professional Beekeepers'  Association of Calabria (IT) - Diego Pagani, Italian Beekeepers National Consortium, Conapi (IT)

h 11:00            Italian beekeeping data: typologies, density and transhumance   
Vanni Floris, Italian Beekeepers Association National Union, Unaapi (IT)

h 11:25            Beekeeping and agricultural productions. The need for crop pollination in Italy
Giorgio Baracani, Conapi (IT) - Riccardo Cabbri, Unaapi (IT)

h 11:55            Word are stones: “Eradication”?
Claudio Porrini, Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie dell’Università di Bologna (IT)

h 12:10            Questions and debate

h 12:30            Conclusions
Sebastian Spiewok, Deutsches Bienen-Journal (DE)


Pavilion 2 - Restaurant area

    Lunch Buffet, included in the ticket 


 Hall A (sala A) - Noon session

Controlling Aethina tumida: priorities

 Chairman: Francesco Panella Unaapi (IT)


h 15:00        Priorities and activities for the containment in the infested zone
Giovanni Guido, Unaapi (IT)

h 15:30        Priorities and activities for the containment if detected outside the infested zone
Umberto Vesco, Unaapi (IT)

h 16:00        Possible paths for scientific reserarch and field test
Marc Oliver Schäfer, Friedrich Loeffler Institut (DE) - Noa Simon Delso, European Beekeeping Coordination, Bee Life (BE)

h 16:30       Coffee break

h 17:00       Questions and debate

h 18:30       Conclusions
Francesco Panella, Unaapi (IT)