Conference 4 March

Varroosis / Contaminations

   Simultaneous translation: Italian, English, French and German  

Hall A (Sala A) - Morning Session

Integrated pest management for a healthy beekeeping

 Chairman: Massimiliano Gotti, Unaapi (IT)


h 9,30          What's the future of varroa control and bee pathologies? A synergic strategy between beekeeping methods and integrated pest management
Giovanni Guido, Unaapi (IT)

h 10,00        Andalusia: a change of route for the control of varroa
Manuel Izquierdo, Unión de Agricultores y Ganaderos de Andalucía (ES)

h 10,20       Varroa: the threshold of economic danger
Alban Maisonnasse, Association de Développement de l'Apiculture Provençale (FR)

h 10,40       The metod of queen caging in Italy
Antonio Carrelli, Unaapi (IT)

h 11,00       The  method of queen caging in France
Yves Goïc, Groupement des Producteurs de Gelée Royale (FR)

h 11,20       The complete brood removal method
Daniele Pagani, Conapi (IT)

h 11,40        Debate and conclusions
Massimiliano Gotti, Unaapi (IT)


Pavilion 2 - Restaurant area

    Lunch Buffet, included in the ticket 



 Hall A (sala A) - Noon session

Environmental and apiary contaminations

 Chairman: Giovanni Guido, Unaapi (IT)

h 15,00       Ubiquitous contamination by pesticides
Noa Simon Delso, European Beekeeping Coordination, Bee Life (BE)

h 15,20       Honey with glyfosate, a disaster waiting to happen
Umberto Vesco, Unaapi (IT) - Giancarlo Quaglia, Floramo Corporation (IT)

h 15,40        Lethal foundations: the new wax scandal
Sebastian Spiewok, Deutsches Bienen-Journal (DE) - Markus Gann, Imkerei Bee-Gann (DE)

h 16,10       Poisoned wax!  Adulterations and contaminations
Chiara Concari, Unaapi (IT) - Stefano Fenucci, Il Pungiglione (IT)

h 16,35        Beehive nutrition and honey contamination
Etienne Bruneau, Gruppo Miele del Copa Cogeca (BE)

h 17,00       Coffee break

h 17,30       Zero  residues: the killer of organic honey production
Francesco Panella, Unaapi (IT)

h 17,50       The contamination of beehive products and the market
Diego Pagani, Conapi (IT)

h 18,10       Debate and conclusions
Giovanni Guido, Unaapi (IT)